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The PRAXIS Lab is currently,developing a project which will bring together family therapists, student-trainees, and previously incarcerated persons. This multi-method project is focused on improving women's re-entry into communities. 

Goals include:

  • Developing awareness for family professionals on aspects of the justice system and its affects on families and communities

  • Develop prevention methods to disrupt the prison pipeline that has greatly affected communities

  • Develop family therapy specific intervention methods to assist families who have members

  • Participate in community action which reforms the laws that make pipelines to prison possible

  • Get students involved in making change in our communities

Phase One: The Cultural Wealth Model

We are partnering with community groups to develop a photovoice project. This project will ​focus on the creation of a model of Community Cultural Wealth, for women's re-entry into their communities following prison.


Photovoice is a qualitative method utilized in CBPR, as  a participatory method where participants use photography to document issues of importance. The participants are then invited to share the stories of their photographs, to identify and represent the meanings within.

This phase will consist of one-on-one interviews, photovoice documentation, and focus groups.

We have obtained funding and are working with community partners now to identify participants. If you are interested in participating, contact us here!

Community Cultural Wealth Model.png
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