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Current Students


Kadesha Treco

Ph.D. student in Public Policy, with a concentration in Social Justice

As a native of the Bahamas and a person with a disability, Kadesha recognizes that access to higher education has increasingly become a privilege that is not afforded to many. Currently, her research focus is in the field of Disability Studies with an emphasis on Critical Disability Studies. As a Social Justice scholar in Public Policy, Kadesha uses insights from Critical Disability Studies to understand the dynamics of policy formulation and design and how they impact the access for persons with disabilities in higher education settings and beyond. Kadesha is a co-founder and active member of the first student-led disability organization at the University of Arkansas in 2022. As a Graduate Assistant she also serves as a Vice president for the Disability Employee resource Impact Group.

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Isabel Whitehead

Ph.D. student in Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences, with a concentration in Agricultural Communications


Isabel’s recent research has explored the roles of culture and identity on student success, culturally responsive research and teaching, measuring cultural competence among students and faculty, agricultural communications curriculum and instruction, in addition to student perceptions of and experiences with honors and international programs. Additionally, since 2018 she has mentored six honors students through theses ranging from consumer perceptions of sustainable food packaging, consumer perceptions of food advertisements, mental health in veterinary sciences, and developing communications materials for individuals enrolled in food assistance programs. Her two current honors students are researching autistic honors students’ needs and how individuals assign gendered human traits to exotic animals.

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Margaret-Maria Pemu

Ph.D. student in Counselor Education and Supervision

Counselor in Residence - University Housing


Margie is a second-year doctoral student in the Counselor Education and Supervision program at the University of Arkansas. My research interests include Exploring the Home to State Funded Facility Pipeline for at-risk Youth and LGBTQ+ youth as well as Mitigating the Harmful Effects of ACES on Lower-SES youth.

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Karli Yarber

PhD Student in Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

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