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Lorien S. Jordan, Ph.D., LMFT

Qualitative Methodologist, Scholar Activist, Critical- Cultural Theorist

Lorien (she; her) is an assistant professor in Educational Statistics and Research Methods (Qualitative Methodology)  at the University of Arkansas (August 2020).

Lorien’s program of research comprises three strands that intersect on the belief that researchers have a social responsibility to challenge epistemicide and epistemological violence. These lines include a primary emphasis on the critical assessment of theory and methodology at conceptual and practical levels. Her secondary emphasis is on the use of critical theories to investigate the intersections of culture, discourse, and (non)belonging. Bridging these two lines, is Lorien's third emphasis on addressing disparities that exist at the intersection of mental healthcare and culture. Lorien has conducted this work in the United States, New Zealand, Cambodia, and Samoa, with a diverse range of stakeholders and a variety of qualitative and participatory methodologies.


Lorien’s research has been fully-funded by a Fulbright award, awarded AAMFT’s 2019 Dissertation Award, AAMFT’s Cutting-Edge Research designation, NCFR’s Feldman Outstanding Research Proposal in Family Policy, and supported by the University of Georgia’s Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research grant.


Lorien has served in multiple leadership positions, including her appointment by the Governor to serve on The Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapist, the licensing board for Georgia under the Secretary of State. She currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer (2022-2023), for AERA’s, Professors of Educational Research SIG, and on the Book Awards Committee (2021 - 2024), for AERA’s Qualitative Research SIG. Lorien is on the editorial board for The Qualitative Report, The Journal of Critical Theory and Praxis, and Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology (to begin in 2023).


In 2018, Lorien received the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Development and Family Science with a specialization in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research from the University of Georgia. Before joining the University of Arkansas, Lorien taught at Mercer University in the School of Medicine.

Challenging onto-epistemological canonization

Critical theory and methodologies


Discursive narratives of (un)belongning



University of Georgia, Doctor of Philosophy

Human Development and Family Science

Specializations: Qualitative Research


Mercer University, Master of Family Therapy


New York University, Master of Arts


Arizona State University, Bachelor of Arts

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